Transform The Dark of Night Into Peace & Light

Guiding You Into The Depths Of The Soul-Full State You Have Always Dreamed Of

  • Peeling back the layers of the spiritual journey ...
  • Become the alchemist for the life you have always dreamed of...
  • Learn and heal from the best healers from around the world...
  • A community of like minded people that you can actually talk to about what is happening, who actually understand your journey...
  • Spiritual Growth

  • Healing

  • Transformation

The Only Membership That Gives Everything You Need On Your Spiritual & Healing Journey

Not only will you get the teachings and understandings of the most current spiritual principles around, you will also get the support and hands on healing to shift your vibration and help you heal and integrate on a deeper spiritual level.

Soul-Full Sanctuary is like a candy store of resources and insight for anyone on a self discovery or spiritual journey.

- Michelle G., Entrepreneur

In This Membership You Will Have Access to:

  • Weekly Live Workshops
  • Weekly Supercharged Healing and Meditation
  • Live Individualized Soul-Full Support Calls Every Single Week
  • Access Secret Support Group 24/7
  • Membership Portal with Access to All Trainings

Some ❤ From Our Community...

Before working with you and Soul-Full Sanctuary I was looking for more direction on my path in life. I trust your compassion, capabilities and wealth of knowledge. One of the many benefits of Soul-Full Sanctuary is being able to tap into a source of support , growth and development, literally at my fingertips. It's wonderful to be able to connect online with so many like-minded people. I've especially enjoyed the live meditation and healing sessions, the question and answer sessions, and the Mindset Mastery Challenge.

Linda S.
Linda S. Teacher

Before Soul-Full Sanctuary, I had been awake for 10 years, had made much progress, but still got caught up in certain aspects of life that I could not see past. Essentially, I was stuck in a rut. I did not feel nervous working with Jessica because she has such a thoughtful and gentle approach. Jessica is very good at understanding human nature from both a psychic and psychotherapist point of view. She was able to assess my situation while remaining objective and giving me a fresh perspective and new ideas for handling situations.

Cindy S.
Cindy S. Medical Intuitive, Healer, Medium

The Crumbling Of One Life, Leads To The Awakening Of Another

Your Safe Space For Spiritual Growth, Healing & Transformation

Are you going through your “Dark Night Of The Soul” journey? You know the one where your life totally falls apart and you have no option but to surrender to some power that is greater than you - the universe, god, spirit, divine, whatever that is for you.

If you are, there are fundamental principles that you need to know in order to make it through this journey with less chaos and emotional turmoil. What I have been shown is that it doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to take a long time. The more we understand this world differently, the easier it becomes.

What that means is that during this time you are being asked to go deep within you and understand yourself and the world around you from a different perspective. This is something that we cannot do on our own (no matter how hard we try). It is impossible for us to have that perspective for ourselves.

I have also discovered that shifting our patterns and awakening to a new world not only requires the understanding, but it also requires a shift in the energetic field in order to get lasting change and release the things that are keeping us trapped in a Dark Night. When we combine these things, our own personal healing process happens much faster than we could ever have imagined.

(I have seen clients go from not being able to leave the couch as they have been so severely depressed, to finding a whole new life direction within 6 months. I have seen severe anxiety attacks clear up in a matter of weeks. These results may not be typical, but I regularly see them in my private practice.)

Nobody Should Have To Make This Journey Alone

I remember that day, feeling so much anxiety, feeling lonely, knowing that things had to change. I remember not knowing who to turn to or what to do and feeling trapped within this life that I had unconsciously chosen for myself.

I remember calling out for help.

I will trust you fully, I cried out to the world.

Lead the way.

After all I had been through, there was nothing left but faith to guide the way.

Life had been brought down to zero.

I was beginning again, creating my roots and foundations the right way this time.

Built on strength, trust, courage and determination.

Only now I was learning that there was an unseen force guiding the way.

It was then, after the surrender that life’s pathways started to open up differently. It was then that I started to learn and be shown that everything we have ever thought of this world, believed in this world was…..well…..backwards.

If you are in the midst of this journey and find yourself at the eye of the storm or have not yet found your way through, let me guide you to the peace and happiness that is your birthright. It doesn't have to be difficult and it doesn't have to take a long time once you find the right map to guide you.

Now Is Your Time!

Now is your time to shed everything that isn’t working so that you can awaken to a new life

Now is your time to set up stable foundations for life in a different way, so that it will be impossible for them to ever crumble again.

Now is your time to see this world differently so that the game of life starts giving you everything you could ever dream of and more…

Now is your time to break through all of the blocks that are holding you back so that you can live the life you were born to lead...

Now is your time to open yourself up so that you can shed the chaos and turmoil and start living your birthright….peace, love and happiness

Now is your time to join the Soul-Full Sanctuary

You will discover how to:

  • Effortlessly step into an empowered, soul-full state that lasts...
  • Use your emotions to propel you forward instead of hold you back...
  • Heal, Prosper and Manifest in ways that are rarely spoken about...
  • Create major breakthroughs in your life immediately...
  • Move past Dark Night of the Soul quickly and easily...
  • Add new dimensions to life as you continuously heighten your vibration and connection.

What The Community Has To Say....

When I first sought Jessica, my self-esteem had hit rock bottom. I was also suffering from PTSD and felt there was nowhere to turn. Then came Jessica. Through Jessica’s professional optimism, strength and compassion, I have overcome the very worst in my life, and I now embrace each day with optimism!

- M.J, Healthcare Practitioner

I have always been interested in spirituality. I have considered and studied many different spiritual philosophies. However, there is a difference between learning from second hand sources and listening to a first hand source, which in a way separates Jessica from many other teachers. Her personal experience gives her an ethos many do not have.

Jessica has given me a sense of peace through difficult times through healings and discussions. I have come to an appreciation of eternal existence that I hoped for before but that I have become convinced of recently.

Malcolm Y.
Malcolm Y. Teacher

Hannah M. overcomes fears and anxieties to create a business breakthrough and change the course of her life!

Everything You Need To Make This Journey Easier

A unique program that not only provides you with understanding but also with actual energy healing sessions to heighten your vibration, shift your energetic structure and clear your blocks. In this membership you will be getting everything you need - and so much more!

What You Will Get With Your Membership:

Workshops - 1 Every Week

These teachings prep you for the week ahead and provide the principles that will move you deeper through your journey. The healings, meditations and live mentor calls will help you integrate these principles easier and faster than you could ever imagine while becoming the magnet for the life you have always dreamed of.

Individualized Soul-Full Support Calls - 1 Every Week

These calls are like having a therapist, healer and intuitive in your back pocket. On these calls you will be given personalized attention so we can find out what is working, what needs to be tweaked and where the blocks are for YOU. We then do the work to get past all that is going on. Individualized protocols will be given when necessary. Let's face it, there is no cookie cutter approach here. Everything is individualized for your success.

Live Supercharged Healing & Meditation - 1 Every Week

It is impossible to heal the body, mind and soul while in a low vibration field. This often keeps people locked in old habits and patterns, frustrated, not knowing how to move forward. In these sessions we supercharge your energetic field so that you can learn how to use a higher frequency and maintain the peace and happiness that only comes from a high vibration. You will become a manifesting machine.

Secret Facebook Support Community - Access 24/7

Sometimes, a week...a hour is too long to wait to find relief. In this private support community you can reach out and access support whenever you need it.

Learn from a like-minded community ready for real change. Ask questions, bounce around ideas, and receive intuitive answers, healing and support 24/7!

  • Transformational Library

    This library is filled with everything you need to make your journey easier and faster. This is also where past training is archived so that you never have to worry about missing anything. You can go watch trainings anytime and refresh any area where you are feeling stuck, ask questions, and go deeper with your growth.



  • A Unique Healing Program

    This membership will give you access to ALL of the tools you need to make your spiritual and healing journey easier for you. Everything is structured in an easy to follow fashion. You get access to not only video training but live training and energy healing that will help you get past any hurdle on your way. It is a very unique membership that will not leave you in the dark. This is truly an all in one membership for your healing journey.

More from the Soul-Full Sanctuary Community......

Jessica effortlessly placed me into an open, receiving space. I felt immediately at ease and that healing was taking place. Jessica found my challenging spots immediately and I felt relief in them quickly. Her insights were right on regarding my challenges. Just before she was done I felt my wings open in my back and I grew six new arms. It was an amazing healing session and I feel ready to move forward. I would highly recommend to work with Jessica. I’ve been to other energetic healers and this was by far the best session I’ve had.

David H.
David H. Author & Performer

I am an extremely healthy person, or so I thought, when I was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness before the age of 40.

I knew from the outset that while I respect the advances of conventional medical science that I would also seek out some alternative healing to help approach this very serious problem. Still, there is always fear associated with the unknown, especially when you are dealing with a situation that almost no one understands. Especially when you are determined to live out a full and productive life.

Through my work with Jessica, I have been able to reclaim myself as a healthy person--even though I might be going through a process that is scary and threatening--and I feel calm and supported and capable of full and complete healing. On the one hand, doctors know a great deal, on the other hand they know very little. Life is mysterious. We are all in this together. I highly value the work Jessica and I are doing to supplement what is supposedly known with what is certainly possible. I am stronger and healthier for it.

Priscila U.
Priscila U. Author

Soul-Full Sanctuary is a wonderful spiritual group that offers insight, lessons, and healing meditations. It’s a nice way to gain perspective on whatever is going on in your life. Jessica is very intuitive and offers great advice and practical tips to help guide you through your current energy. I highly recommend it!

- S.Z

After 1 hour with you, I am looking at the world completely differently. The negative thoughts have calmed down and life makes more sense. I cannot wait to learn more!

- L

I just want to say that you have been a godsend for me. Even though it has only been a short while, I am overwhelmed by the transformation I am feeling already thanks to your user friendly online resources.

- Tricia, Educator


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Regular Price: $197.00/Month
Special Launch Price - For the next 7 members - Only $97/month


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Fast Action Bonus...

Enroll Now and Unlock The Following BONUSES - It is my mission to set you up for success in this program.

Bonus #1 - The Myth Of The Twin Flame Journey [Value $97]

Unlock the teachings I have received that explains how the way we have come to understand the twin flame journey may not be serving us to our highest. In this training I discuss a new understanding of the twin flame paradigm.

Bonus #2 -  Getting Rid Of Unwanted Behaviour [Value $147]

In this video course we go into the mechanics of how our behaviours have served us and why they may not be anymore. Once we understand why we do the things we do, it becomes easier to start to release them and let go....which is what this journey is all about.

Bonus #3 - Mindset Mastery Challenge [Value $97]

Without the right mindset, this journey becomes a difficult one to make. Here we will create a Mindset Masterpiece that will increase your vibration like never before in a fun and easy way.


What If I Can't Make It Live To A Workshop, Call or Healing? +

All of the calls are recorded and archived. There is absolutely no worry about missing out on anything. If you have any questions about any of the material on the calls or in general, the community group is used to answer those questions. You can also ask questions before the calls and we will cover them on the calls so that you can watch as if you are there live.

For the energy healing, energy knows no space or time. Therefore the healing's will work whenever you watch them and wherever you are. I also put energetic codes on all of the recordings so that the more they are watched and used the stronger the energy gets.

How Do I Know That I Will Get Everything I Need To Heal & Grow On This Journey? +

How Do I Know That I Will Get Everything I Need To Heal & Grow On This Journey?

This membership has been designed so members will get EVERYTHING they need in a group setting. If there is something that is not covered, ask and we will cover it for you. The success of this program comes from your success. I want you to become a magnet for things you never thought possible and I will show you how to get to that stage in your long as you do the work on your end.

Is This Only For People Starting Their Spiritual Journey? What If I Have Already Made It Through Dark Night Of The Soul? +

 Is This Only For People Starting Their Spiritual Journey? What If I Have Already Made It Through Dark Night Of The Soul?

This membership is designed to grow with you. There will be both beginner and advanced tools and techniques provided. I am constantly getting new downloads to teach as the spiritual world is moving very quickly these days. All stages of spiritual growth are welcome. We are here to grow together.....and let's face it, the healing process just gets deeper and deeper along with our spiritual growth. It is time to heighten our vibrations to heal ourselves and heal the world.

Will We Learn How To Be Healers? +

Will We Learn How To Be Healers?

In this membership the focus will be on healing yourself, which is the most important part of being a healer. If you are inspired to continue training and would like to work as a healer, I will be opening up the Soul-Full Healers Academy. This will provide you with all the healing tools you need to work with others as a healer.


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Regular Price: $197.00/month
Special Launch Price - For the next 7 members $97/month


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Transform Your Future...

About Jessica Ehrenworth

As a mom of three boys, I found myself transported from a stable life to one filled with crisis. Everything changed!

In fact, nothing in my life right now looks like my life 6 years ago. My marriage of 18 years ended, my business partnership and company of 11 years closed down (both of those things happened on the same day!), and everything around me was spinning out of control. I was forced to come face to face with every fear I had ever tried to avoid. I had to make the conscious decision to make it through.

Above all, as I started to heal myself, my senses started opening up differently. There were many times I would sit alone wondering if I was going crazy, unable to fully make sense of what was happening to me.  I now know it was my own healing and spiritual awakening.

What I realized is that the crumbling of one life, meant the awakening of another. And it gave birth to allow me to consciously design my dream life - with stronger, healthier relationships with the people around me, my children, and most importantly, myself. Armed with a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology,  and over a decade working as a therapist, I help other people do the same.

I combine my background as a Registered Psychotherapist and Counselor with graduate degrees in Psychology, Homeopathy and Spirituality to serve as a healer and intuitive. Using different energy modalities and my expertise in metaphysics - after working with world-renowned intuitive's and mediums - my passion is helping you rediscover or perhaps discover for the first time how to take control of your emotions once and for all.

The truth is, you too are a healer (but you might not know it yet). Together, we’ll move past the Dark Night of the Soul so that you can find balance between the physical and soul-full worlds, be the best version of yourself and start living your life’s true purpose.


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Even More ❤ From Our Community.....

Your information is great! Thank you so much.
People need this information so badly. I need it. The world needs it.
I love your ideas, your work & your valuable information. This will help people heal. You are doing such a great thing. Blessings.

- Amy

Before I met Jessica I was in a place where I often felt guilty for not always being the perfect version of myself that I had visualized. No matter how much I worked, how social I was that week or how productive my day was; I always was stuck in a space of “this is not enough.” I consistently obsessed over the many possible ways that certain situations could work out. I always listed each option and then brooded over each one for great lengths. I felt that I couldn’t hear what my heart was telling me or what I truly wanted.

I felt nervous to open up. I knew I had a lot of pent up emotions and resentments and felt hesitant to stir the pot. I was afraid what I would reveal to myself, about myself, if I allowed myself to sit quietly.

Working with Jessica is great because she has a way of always being able to get my head back on straight. She renews my acceptance of myself and the current state that I am in. I feel a greater sense of self love and understanding. I am now able to think out logical loving options for myself when I feel that I need to make a big decision. I make myself a priority more often. I understand that wanting more for myself is not selfish and have gained an ability to leave toxic situations. I am also able to drop the anxiety that I felt around resting. I have made my health a priority and continue to strive to make myself better with baby steps.



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