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Order Form -  "Journey From  The Dark Night Into The Light"

About This Pay What You Can Philosophy:

I firmly believe that everyone should be able to access emotional health services. This is one offering I have to make these services accessible for all. So...I have made this course a pay what you can philosophy.

If you can't afford anything, take it

If this course helps you get back on your feet...come back later when you can afford it and pay it forward for others so we can keep this going

If you can afford this course, consider giving a little more, spread the good karma and help us help others.

Once you have it, Share, share, share so we can get this course into the hands of those who need it.

*** This program is considered a coaching program and is NOT considered as Registered Psychotherapy

With this order you will receive:

  • 8 weeks of video modules
  • Secret Facebook Community & Support
  • Bonus #1 - Learning To Love The Unlovable
  • Bonus #2 - Becoming Whole Again (From Pieces To Wholeness)
  • Bonus #3 - Awakening Your Intuition


Jessica and this course have given me a sense of peace through difficult times through healings and discussions.